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Wedding Suits For Groom

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Select the Right Wedding Suits For Groom

There are many considerations that you have to keep in mind while buying a suit for your wedding. Apart from the styles and cut, you must also think about the kind of fabric and the color that you would like to go in for. While taking decision on any of the two, it is suggested to keep in mind the climatic conditions which is going to prevail during your wedding day or month, the time when the wedding is going to take place whether it is day/night and the overall theme which has been planned at your wedding. As much as it is possible, go for wrinkle free fabrics and take care that the colors you are going to choose go together with your complexion.

How to select your Wedding Suit
At the very first stage, you will be required to do some 'window shopping'. Once the wedding gets fixed, start doing a research of the stores and shopping malls in your area. Look out for the styles that you like and make a note of their price. This will assist you to get a better idea regarding the styles and the cost of that particular style is it falling within your budget. Now is the time to slash down on the broad selections that you have managed to go for. Before making any choice it is advisable to check out the material of the suit. Wool is one of the most accepted preferences for wedding suits. You can go for polyester and microfibers, which look stylish and it is very easy to take care for same. The next alternative to choose for is linen, but the cost is quite competitively.

The next stage which has to be taken into the consideration is to observe the style of the weeding suit. You must also make sure that the suit goes well with your body structure and its cut flatters your body structure completely. Majority of the cases, the coat of the suit is matched in advance with a pair of pants. But in certain cases you may be required to blend and match the two in addition.

Apart from matching the color, you must also look out that the fabric of the jacket and pants are similar. At this point of time, you should have decided on the perfect style for your wedding suit. If you think that there are some minor problems regarded to its fitting then get it altered then and there. One more thing that you need to take into the consideration is to get your pants cut, lengthwise. When you are about to select the shirt see to that it goes well with the color and style of the suit. Once you have purchased the wedding suit; now it is the time to improve your overall looks, by means of accessories. See to that everything goes well with your suit during wedding.

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Dress Code Morning Wedding

Morning suit outfit

The Wedding Morning

You plan, and you plan, and you plan. Then one day you wake up, and it is the morning of your wedding! It is a very thrilling day, and you may be wondering what to expect. This is a little bit of what you can anticipate on the morning you say, "I do".

The timing of your ceremony will affect how your day proceeds. If you are having a wedding at 1pm, like I did, your day will start very early! There is so much to do, and time will just seem to fly by. The most important thing to remember on the morning of your wedding is to eat. For brides who have a case of the jitters, something light like yogurt and fruit is a good idea. The worst thing you can do is to skip breakfast, because that will only make you feel shakier as the day goes on. The last thing you want to do is pass out at the altar!

For an early afternoon ceremony, your first stop will be the hair salon, bright and early (unless your stylist is coming to your house or hotel room). For my wedding it was a 7am appointment, which is why it is important to get your beauty sleep the night before the wedding. Don't stay out too late at the rehearsal dinner; after all, you will get the chance to see all of the same people at the wedding reception. Be sure to book the appointments for your bridal party and the mothers of the bride and groom, as well. It is extremely helpful if your bridesmaids show up to the salon with some idea of how that want to wear their hair so that the stylist can get them ready as quickly as possible.

After hair comes makeup. You should have your manicure and pedicure done a day or two before the wedding. The only makeup that you should need done on the day of the event is your face. It is a good idea to wear a button down shirt for the pre-wedding beauty rituals, so that you won't mess anything up by pulling a shirt over your head. For the best makeup results, choose a shirt that is very close in color to your gown.

Then it is time to go to the place where you will be dressing for the wedding. This is a very fun time! As you and your attendants slip into your dresses, suddenly it will really hit you that this is not a dress rehearsal, but your actual wedding day. If you are putting the dress over your head, you should get your shoes on first; if you need to step into the bridal gown, save your shoes for later.

Once the bride and her attendants are in their dresses, it is time for the accessories. You will want to put your bridal jewelry on first, and save your veil for the very end (usually you have the hairdresser place your headpiece, but not the veil, as it is so fragile). Naturally, the focus of the wedding morning will be on the bride, but take some time to admire your bridesmaids and flower girl as they put on their jewelry and finishing touches. Often the bridesmaid and flower girl jewelry is a gift from the bride; it would be very sweet if you took a moment to help the flower girl put on her necklace and tell her how pretty she looks.

Then it is time to pile into the limo and head off to your ceremony. Once you arrive there, you will receive your bouquet from the florist, and be hidden somewhere to await your cue to march down the aisle to your waiting groom. That is the wedding morning in a nutshell; what happens on the wedding night, I will leave to your imagination!

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Wedding Suits For Men Hire

Wedding Suits For Men
Wedding suits for men

Men's Wedding Attire - Hire Or Buy?

If you are in the process of planning a wedding and you are planning for the groom and the other men in the main wedding party wearing tuxedos you may want to consider hiring them rather than buying.

Buying a tuxedo can be expensive and assuming you want the other groomsmen to match perfectly, then the costs can be multiplied by several times. Hiring your tux can be a considerably cheaper option, which is particularly important if you have a limited budget, but obviously there are a few factors to consider before making your decision.

A major consideration is whether you will wear your tuxedo again, if you regularly attend formal and black tie events a new tux could be a good investment and in fact work out cheaper in the long term rather than hiring one for the day. If have no limit on your budget it may not be a problem, but just consider whether you will still want your attire afterwards if you won't be wearing it, buying is all well and good, but is there too much point if its just going to be stored at the back of a wardrobe for years.

Whether you decide to buy or hire you will want a perfect match, so be sure all the men in the main wedding party visit the same rental shop or buy your tuxedos together at the same time as even slight variations in colour or style can be glaringly obvious. As with any purchase, its always a good idea to compare prices, look for the best offers and even negotiate on price to ensure you have the best available deal.

If you do choose to hire rather than buy your attire, be aware that there will be increased demand at the peak hire periods such as Christmas and the wedding season, which is June through August, as the demand from hire shops will be much greater at this time. If your wedding date coincides with these times, be sure to book and hire your attire well in advance.

Finally be aware that many hire shops demand a quick return and you can incur a penalty for the late return of your attire. If you are planning to leave immediately for your honeymoon, ensure you make arrangements for someone to return your hired items on time, maybe you could delegate this responsibility to the best man, who could ensure all the hire suits are returned promptly to avoid a penalty charge.

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Beach Wedding Dress Code

Beach Wedding Dress Code
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Guest Attire For Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are a lot of fun! If you are lucky enough to be invited to one, you are sure to have a great time. Weddings on a beach have a much different feeling than other weddings, though, which can leave some guests wondering what to wear.

Most women have a couple of favorite go-to outfits that they turn to when they are guests at a wedding. However, your favorite fancy dress and wedding jewelry will probably not be quite right in a relaxed beach setting. And yet, it is still a special occasion, so you don't want to show up in your swimsuit and flip flops either. The key is to find a happy medium.

When you are a guest at a beach wedding, you will want your dress, shoes, and jewelry to feel festive and yet not too formal. This can sound like a tough combination to put together, but there are a few looks that will almost always work very well. One of the prettiest choices is to wear a knee length strapless dress in a summery fabric, like seersucker, madras, or a tropical print. The strapless cut will elevate the style and elegance of the dress, but the fabric will keep it feeling light and breezy, which is perfect.

The right accessories will be key to pulling your wedding day look together. For a strapless gown, you will want to have some sort of wrap or lightweight cotton cardigan to protect yourself from both the sun and too much airconditioning. When choosing your shoes, pick ones that will be as practical as they are beautiful. Forgo the spike heels in favor of shoes that will not sink into the sand - festive choices include jeweled metallic thongs and wedge espadrilles. A strapless gown also calls for a great necklace. Look for wedding jewelry that is fairly simple, like a classic sterling silver necklace or an elegant strand of pearls.

Male guests will also want to modify their attire for a beach wedding. Definitely avoid suits that are too dark or made from heavy material. It would be very silly looking to wear a somber business suit on a beach. Good options include suits made from lightweight materials, like linen or a tan colored cotton. You can still wear a tie if the wedding is not too formal, just pick one in a light and festive color. If it has a beach related design, such as sailboats or palm trees, so much the better.

Not every beach wedding will call for a suit. A well cut and crisply pressed pair of khaki trousers might be all that you need. Pair them with a nice cotton or linen button down shirt (not a golf shirt), and consider a blazer for the ceremony. If the wedding will be fairly informal, you can get into the spirit of the location, by wearing, say, a great Hawaiian shirt for a wedding in Maui. Be cautious though about going too far with the local garb - Bermuda shorts and knee socks are really only appropriate for actual Bermudans, and for the love of God, men, please don't get your hair braided in Jamaica, even if it is long enough!

The most important thing that every guest should bring to a beach wedding is a relaxed attitude. Not only will you have the joy of witnessing the start of a new marriage, but you get to spend the day on the beach as well. Could life be any sweeter than that?

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Wedding Attire For Men

Men's Wedding Attire - A Quick Guide

Men's wedding attire is usually more complicated. As fashion experts assert, it may be more challenging to dress and accessorize men than women. Aside from that, many men are not actually concerned about their fashion sense. They would rather be comfortable than be fashionable.

However, modern men have changed. A proof to this is the popularity of men's wedding attire. Yes, most men of today are now anxious to be fashionable. They would be more comfortable if they dress up appropriately. Are you having a hard time choosing the right men's wedding attire to wear for an upcoming wedding event? Here are some helpful ideas that could serve as your guide.

Wedding Attire For Men

Suits as men's wedding attire

The suit is considered the cornerstone when it comes to men's wedding attire. If you are attending a wedding party, you would never go wrong with a tuxedo. You would never go wrong in a suit if you are attending just as a guest. As for the right color and style of the suit, you should consider the type of attire specifically emphasised in the invitation.

For a formal wedding, a basic tuxedo is ideal even if you are a guest. Match it with a grosgrain or satin lapels, a black jacket, a bow tie, trousers, and a cummerbund. If a full evening dress is required in the invitation, going with a white tie is the fashionable deed to do.

In a wedding party, black tie is usually preferred. You may opt to come in a white dinner jacket or simply, a tux. As a wedding guest, charcoal- or black-colored suit would always be fine. For daytime wedding, black tie could be considered optional. It would be better if you would come in linen or tweed suit in a fashionably classic dark or earthy colour.

Men's wedding attire for specific seasons

When choosing men's wedding attire, you may consider the season and the time of the wedding. If the wedding day falls in a spring or summer, twill or linen suits are ideal. For beach weddings, you may drop the tie and go wearing a simple blazer on top of dress pants in perfect shade of beige, blue, cream, or grey.

For a night wedding during spring or summer, avoid wool suits as the weather may already be warm enough. Choose a comfortable ensemble of cotton. Go wearing a darker-colored suit (charcoal, black, gray, or navy). In a wedding party, black-tie tux still is a must.

What is the right men's wedding attire for a fall or winter day wedding? You would never go wrong with wool or cotton suit, preferably dark colors like black or navy. If the wedding happens at night, come in a tuxedo if the invitation says the occasion is formal and go in a basic black suit if the wedding would be informal.

Accessories for men's wedding attire

Accessorizing is another typical problem among men. Avoid being a possible fashion victim by going with the right accessories. For the classic tux option, satin or silk bow tie in black with cummerbund is fashionable. As an alternative, go for vest and solid black tie.

Your belt must be thin, shiny, and black. For formal wear and tuxedos, belts could be replaced by waistcoat, cummerbund, or suspenders. If you opt to wear cufflinks, silver or pearl compliments men's wedding attire during daytime, while gold or black is fashionable during evening events.

Lastly, men's wedding attire should always be kept appropriate, pressed, and clean all throughout the wedding. It is a must that your suit fits you well. Moreover, do not overlook and neglect comfort. Aside from being fashionable wearing men's wedding attire, make it an aim to be comfortable throughout the occasion.

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Types Dress Code

Dress Code Definitions Explained

We've all been in the situation of getting an invitation for a formal even
t, opening it up, and then being confused about words like, "Black Tie Optional," "Semi-Formal," or "Cocktail Attire." Don't put yourself in the uncomfortable position of being under or overdressed for any occasion. Below are the most common dress code definitions. Be sure to look over them before getting ready for an event, and you can be confident that you're dressed right.

Black Tie:
This is the highest level of sophistication and fancy for an event. If you see this written on your invitation, you better come dressed to the nines. Sometimes also referred to as "Formal," this invitation means that men are expected to wear a tuxedo and women wear a cocktail dress, preferably below the knee. Pretend that you're going to the Oscars, and dress accordingly. Men's suits should be black, but a dress can be colorful as long as it is tasteful and elegant. The terms black tie and formal can usually be interchanged to mean the same thing, but in some cities like L.A., formal could mean a black jacket for a man without a tux or tie.

Black Tie Optional:
This is not much different from black tie and formal. If your invitation says black tie optional, it means that tuxedos and cocktail dresses are preferred, but you a man may opt for a dark suit and tie if he wants to be more casual. If you do choose to go to "optional" route, be prepared that most men will be in tuxedos.

In general, semi-formal attire calls for clothing that is not as fancy as tuxedos and fancy ball gowns, but slightly more fancy than formal business clothes. Women should still opt for clothes that are not too sexy, but they can vary a little in terms of styles and lengths of dresses. If the event is during the day, there is more leniency in clothing. Men can wear a dark suit and tie or a vest. For women, clothes should still be conservative and skirts should be below the knee. A lacy dress or a black pencil skirt with a fancy top would be fitting. Shoes should have some kind of heel, preferably stilleto.

Cocktail Attire:
This is slightly less dressy than the above categories. Men can wear a black suit and tie, or opt for a white shirt and jacket in black or other dark color. Women can have a little more fun with their outfits, and dresses can go above the knee for cocktail attire. The "little black dress" is perfect for this event. Think about what you would wear for a fancy dinner.

This can be broken down into "business casual," and "smart casual." Smart casual could mean black pants and a colored button down shirt for a man, and a pants suit or less formal dress for a woman. Business casual could mean khakis and a collared shirt for a man. For a woman this leaves many options, including shirts and dresses with short sleeves, sweaters with a skirt, dresses with patterns, etc. You should still err on the side of conservative and keep it simple and classy. Unlike fancy ball gowns which are expensive or have to be rented, casual dresses are affordable and can even be bought online like at a wholesale clothing retailer.

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Dress Code Black Tie

Dressing for a Black Tie Event

Black tie dress code is needed for most of the formal events. Black tie can be interpreted in various ways; however there are certain things you need to be aware of, before attending a formal function that call for this costume.

Basics about Black Tie Dress Code:

This is traditional formal outfit that is put on for an event taking place in the evening or after six o'clock. Usually formal and semi-formal events call for this costume and it may also be clearly mentioned on an invitation. Some common events which calls for this dress code include: Weddings, Opening night at the opera, Captain's dinner on a cruise, Fundraising dinners and events, Awards ceremonies and Holiday parties.

For basic, elegant black tie apparel, the following components should be worn:
  • Black tuxedo having a black dinner jacket with a satin lapel or ribbed silk facings (usually grosgrain) on a shawl collar or peaked lapel (while a notched lapel is a popular modern choice, it is traditionally considered less formal).
  • Black dress pants that either have a satin or silk stripe down the leg.
  • Black silk bow tie matching the lapel facings.
  • Black low-cut waistcoat or cummerbund.
  • White dress shirt with a pleated or ribbed front.
  • Shirt studs (optional, depending on the type of shirt) and cufflinks.
  • Black knee high or calf length dress socks usually of silk or fine wool.
  • Black shoes in either patent leather or a highly polished leather.
  • A white dinner jacket is suitable when the weather is warmer.
Accessories should be kept to a minimum. A white handkerchief in linen (silk and cotton are modern alternatives) should be worn. Or else you could opt for a boutonnière (buttonhole) such as a red or white carnation, blue cornflower, or rosebud. Remember, boutonnières and handkerchiefs should not be worn simultaneously. Jewelry should be limited to a wristwatch or pocket watch and a ring.

Black Tie Considerations:

Just like any other dress code, there are certain rules to bear in mind while dressing for a black tie event. Anything that is too flashy, elaborate or bizarre should be avoided. This dress code is formal and requires you to dress in a specific manner. You can contact the host or hostess of the event and clarify with them if you are in doubt about what is needed.

Black Tie Variations:

Often there may be other variations of black tie. Variations include:

Black tie optional means you have the choice of wearing a tuxedo. A dark suit and tie is your other alternative.

• Creative black tie lends for a trendy interpretation of formal attire. It is acceptable to put on a more modern styled tuxedo or a black shirt instead of white. When it calls for creative black tie dress, it is also acceptable to not wear a tie. The style can reflect your own personality and be as original as you.

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