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Wedding Suits For Men Hire

Wedding Suits For Men
Wedding suits for men

Men's Wedding Attire - Hire Or Buy?

If you are in the process of planning a wedding and you are planning for the groom and the other men in the main wedding party wearing tuxedos you may want to consider hiring them rather than buying.

Buying a tuxedo can be expensive and assuming you want the other groomsmen to match perfectly, then the costs can be multiplied by several times. Hiring your tux can be a considerably cheaper option, which is particularly important if you have a limited budget, but obviously there are a few factors to consider before making your decision.

A major consideration is whether you will wear your tuxedo again, if you regularly attend formal and black tie events a new tux could be a good investment and in fact work out cheaper in the long term rather than hiring one for the day. If have no limit on your budget it may not be a problem, but just consider whether you will still want your attire afterwards if you won't be wearing it, buying is all well and good, but is there too much point if its just going to be stored at the back of a wardrobe for years.

Whether you decide to buy or hire you will want a perfect match, so be sure all the men in the main wedding party visit the same rental shop or buy your tuxedos together at the same time as even slight variations in colour or style can be glaringly obvious. As with any purchase, its always a good idea to compare prices, look for the best offers and even negotiate on price to ensure you have the best available deal.

If you do choose to hire rather than buy your attire, be aware that there will be increased demand at the peak hire periods such as Christmas and the wedding season, which is June through August, as the demand from hire shops will be much greater at this time. If your wedding date coincides with these times, be sure to book and hire your attire well in advance.

Finally be aware that many hire shops demand a quick return and you can incur a penalty for the late return of your attire. If you are planning to leave immediately for your honeymoon, ensure you make arrangements for someone to return your hired items on time, maybe you could delegate this responsibility to the best man, who could ensure all the hire suits are returned promptly to avoid a penalty charge.

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