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Wedding Attire For Mothers

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Dress Code For the Grooms Mother

She may not be the central focus of the wedding but it's nonetheless an important day for her, therefore, finding an appropriate outfit for the mother of the groom; something that she likes and feels fully comfortable in is very important.

That said, finding a dress for the groom's mother is not a walk in the park and neither does it mean finding some cheapskate dress for $150 and then calling it a day; a considerate mother of the groom will ensure that the dress she plans to wear for the big day complements the wedding theme and coordinates with what the wedding party wears. I've assembled some tips below to help you "mothers-law" in the making, decide on wedding outfit.

The first step in deciding what to wear to your sons wedding is to contact the mother of the bride. Talk to the mother of the bride and find out what she plans to wear, and take your clues from her. After all, you won't want to be in a casual suit if she's in a ball gown. You'll also need to know what color she is planning to buy, as you'll want to coordinate, but not match exactly.

For example, if she says she's wearing a champagne colored ball gown with sequins, maybe you'll want to wear a gold ball gown. If she's wearing a more casual outfit like a simple blouse and sweater for an outdoor wedding, perhaps you'll want to wear a simple dress. She or the bride or groom may have specific ideas about what you should wear - if these ideas disagree, it's best to defer to the bride.

Shopping for the dresses

Look at department stores, bridal salons, and really anywhere you shop for evening clothes. While you may find stores that sell specific mother of the groom dresses, make sure you check that price tag-some places think they can charge more for a dress that's intended for a wedding. For a more casual wedding, you may find a dress at a local boutique or you could try the internet for online stores specializing in all things wedding.

Here's a reason why the mother of the groom can't wear what she wants

First of all, you'll want to be coordinated with the rest of the wedding. If everyone else is wearing light colors, you'll stand out garishly in a bold red dress. You also won't want to upstage the bride or her mother, causing hurt feelings. But, you should still look like yourself, and feel comfortable in what you're wearing. While you need to coordinate with the Mother of the Groom, wearing dresses that match in length and formality, you need not look like twins. Hopefully, you'll find a dress that you'll be able to wear again.

Striking the middle ground is a delicate process that requires proper planning and consultation with the parties concerned and for the mother of the groom it's definitely the brides mother you should talk to when shopping for your wedding outfit, after all it's your sons wedding and you don't wanna disappoint.

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