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Medical Office Dress Code Policy

Medical Office Dress Code Policy
Medical Office Dress Code, illustration image source:

Medical Dress Code Guidelines

1. Professional Dress Clothing: clean, professionally styled, and in good repair.
a. Women: medium length skirts/dresses, tailored slacks, blouse or dress turtleneck
b. Men: tailored slacks with belt, dress shirt and necktie or dress turtleneck.
c. Shoes: leather dress shoes, or other shoes meant for professional dress. No sports shoes or sandals.

2. Casual Dress Clothing:
a. Women:
b. Men: clean, pressed, button-down shirt, dress turtleneck, or polo shirt, dress slacks and belt
c. No sports shoes or sandals

3. Casual Clothing:
Clean, comfortable clothing allowing participation in appropriate non-patient care activities and not involving other professional institutions or buildings (i.e.; in which students are guests).
May include clean, non-tattered blue jeans, t-shirts, polo shirts, sports shoes

4. Scrub Suits:
Matching colors for shirt and pants, provided by the institution, not to be worn outside the institution.

5. Accessories and Grooming:
  • Jewelry should be conservative and worn in a manner that does not interfere with patient care or personal and patient safety
  • No jewelry should be worn in facial or tongue piercings while on duty. Ear piercing is acceptable, but no other visible body piercing is permitted.
  • Hair: must be tied back or controlled in such a manner as to prevent it from touching the patient or requiring frequent repositioning with your hands
  • Facial Hair: Neatly groomed/clean shaven. No stubble.
  • Nails: long fingernails are not acceptable 4. Perfumes/colognes: avoid when involved with direct patient care

Things to Avoid :
Some things are generally unacceptable to wear at a medical office. These include chandelier earrings, T-shirts, stiletto heel shoes, visible undergarments and denim jeans.



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