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The Wedding Morning

You plan, and you plan, and you plan. Then one day you wake up, and it is the morning of your wedding! It is a very thrilling day, and you may be wondering what to expect. This is a little bit of what you can anticipate on the morning you say, "I do".

The timing of your ceremony will affect how your day proceeds. If you are having a wedding at 1pm, like I did, your day will start very early! There is so much to do, and time will just seem to fly by. The most important thing to remember on the morning of your wedding is to eat. For brides who have a case of the jitters, something light like yogurt and fruit is a good idea. The worst thing you can do is to skip breakfast, because that will only make you feel shakier as the day goes on. The last thing you want to do is pass out at the altar!

For an early afternoon ceremony, your first stop will be the hair salon, bright and early (unless your stylist is coming to your house or hotel room). For my wedding it was a 7am appointment, which is why it is important to get your beauty sleep the night before the wedding. Don't stay out too late at the rehearsal dinner; after all, you will get the chance to see all of the same people at the wedding reception. Be sure to book the appointments for your bridal party and the mothers of the bride and groom, as well. It is extremely helpful if your bridesmaids show up to the salon with some idea of how that want to wear their hair so that the stylist can get them ready as quickly as possible.

After hair comes makeup. You should have your manicure and pedicure done a day or two before the wedding. The only makeup that you should need done on the day of the event is your face. It is a good idea to wear a button down shirt for the pre-wedding beauty rituals, so that you won't mess anything up by pulling a shirt over your head. For the best makeup results, choose a shirt that is very close in color to your gown.

Then it is time to go to the place where you will be dressing for the wedding. This is a very fun time! As you and your attendants slip into your dresses, suddenly it will really hit you that this is not a dress rehearsal, but your actual wedding day. If you are putting the dress over your head, you should get your shoes on first; if you need to step into the bridal gown, save your shoes for later.

Once the bride and her attendants are in their dresses, it is time for the accessories. You will want to put your bridal jewelry on first, and save your veil for the very end (usually you have the hairdresser place your headpiece, but not the veil, as it is so fragile). Naturally, the focus of the wedding morning will be on the bride, but take some time to admire your bridesmaids and flower girl as they put on their jewelry and finishing touches. Often the bridesmaid and flower girl jewelry is a gift from the bride; it would be very sweet if you took a moment to help the flower girl put on her necklace and tell her how pretty she looks.

Then it is time to pile into the limo and head off to your ceremony. Once you arrive there, you will receive your bouquet from the florist, and be hidden somewhere to await your cue to march down the aisle to your waiting groom. That is the wedding morning in a nutshell; what happens on the wedding night, I will leave to your imagination!

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