Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Business Casual Dress Code Manufacturing Sample

Business Casual Dress Code Manufacturing Sample
Casual Dress Code Manufacturing sample image, source

These construction workers represent an array of clothing options for a manufacturing dress code. For example, plaid shirts and denim shirts are a staple in an industrial workplace. Additionally, cargo-type khaki jackets still look professional, and provide warmth during colder weather. With necessary safety accessories, such as a fluorescent vest and hard hats, these employees are ready to work and look positive and professional, as well.

Business Casual Dress Code Manufacturing Photo
This worker looks great in a casual button-down shirt and jeans. Her clothes are in good condition, and fit her appropriately for a work environment. With clothes that are multifunctional - nice-looking and allowing for efficient work - she is an excellent example of a worker dressing appropriately for a manufacturing workplace.

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