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Beach Wedding Dress Code

Beach Wedding Dress Code
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Guest Attire For Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are a lot of fun! If you are lucky enough to be invited to one, you are sure to have a great time. Weddings on a beach have a much different feeling than other weddings, though, which can leave some guests wondering what to wear.

Most women have a couple of favorite go-to outfits that they turn to when they are guests at a wedding. However, your favorite fancy dress and wedding jewelry will probably not be quite right in a relaxed beach setting. And yet, it is still a special occasion, so you don't want to show up in your swimsuit and flip flops either. The key is to find a happy medium.

When you are a guest at a beach wedding, you will want your dress, shoes, and jewelry to feel festive and yet not too formal. This can sound like a tough combination to put together, but there are a few looks that will almost always work very well. One of the prettiest choices is to wear a knee length strapless dress in a summery fabric, like seersucker, madras, or a tropical print. The strapless cut will elevate the style and elegance of the dress, but the fabric will keep it feeling light and breezy, which is perfect.

The right accessories will be key to pulling your wedding day look together. For a strapless gown, you will want to have some sort of wrap or lightweight cotton cardigan to protect yourself from both the sun and too much airconditioning. When choosing your shoes, pick ones that will be as practical as they are beautiful. Forgo the spike heels in favor of shoes that will not sink into the sand - festive choices include jeweled metallic thongs and wedge espadrilles. A strapless gown also calls for a great necklace. Look for wedding jewelry that is fairly simple, like a classic sterling silver necklace or an elegant strand of pearls.

Male guests will also want to modify their attire for a beach wedding. Definitely avoid suits that are too dark or made from heavy material. It would be very silly looking to wear a somber business suit on a beach. Good options include suits made from lightweight materials, like linen or a tan colored cotton. You can still wear a tie if the wedding is not too formal, just pick one in a light and festive color. If it has a beach related design, such as sailboats or palm trees, so much the better.

Not every beach wedding will call for a suit. A well cut and crisply pressed pair of khaki trousers might be all that you need. Pair them with a nice cotton or linen button down shirt (not a golf shirt), and consider a blazer for the ceremony. If the wedding will be fairly informal, you can get into the spirit of the location, by wearing, say, a great Hawaiian shirt for a wedding in Maui. Be cautious though about going too far with the local garb - Bermuda shorts and knee socks are really only appropriate for actual Bermudans, and for the love of God, men, please don't get your hair braided in Jamaica, even if it is long enough!

The most important thing that every guest should bring to a beach wedding is a relaxed attitude. Not only will you have the joy of witnessing the start of a new marriage, but you get to spend the day on the beach as well. Could life be any sweeter than that?

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