Tuesday, 20 December 2011

How To Be Comfortable With What You Wear

The world is divided into two types of men: those who know how to wear a suit and those who don't. Spotting the difference between the two doesn't require a keen fashion sense: it just takes common sense.

A man may wear a suit, but that does not mean he looks good in it. He will buy what he thinks makes him look his best, but quality materials are not enough to guarantee he will be his best. What separates the well-dressed man from the one who is not is comfort. Until a man feels at ease in his suit, there is no amount of money he can spend on designer names that will give him what he most needs.

Look at those men who are at ease with what they are wearing. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson may be nearly two metres tall and weigh almost 20 stone, but it probably took some time before he felt comfortable lifting grown men over his head wearing a black Speedo. The same applies to a man who goes to work in a suit. It takes time to develop that comfort zone.

Bruce Cutler, the New York City mob lawyer, wears a suit well. Conversely, his biggest former client, John Gotti, did not. No doubt he had his clothes cut exactly as he demanded and the fabrics were most likely of the highest quality, but he rarely looked comfortable. He appeared uptight and the suits looked tight. He had the flashy ties and the colourful pocket handkerchiefs, but there was a lack of comfort that was always evident.

Jason Statham looks confident in a black suit in his Transporter movies. He looks good – perhaps because he has the physique from more than a decade as a member of Britain's National Diving Squad – but also because he has an ease about who he is. An impressive build, however, is not enough. Sylvester Stallone, certainly a man with a nice body – even if it is supplemented with Jintropin – looks more like Gotti in a suit rather than Statham.

Watch the red-carpet broadcasts from the Oscars or the Baftas and look at those well-paid actors and see if you can spot the difference between these two types of men. Of course, all are wearing the latest fashionable cuts and designer labels, but look at how the trousers of some men pool at their shoes or how their jacket sleeves are too long or their shirt collar gaps around their neck or their tie is not pushed all the way up. Not knowing how to wear a suit is the result of not being comfortable in one.

So the next time you put on your suit, ask yourself this simple question: am I at ease with what I am wearing? Until you can answer yes, you won't look your best.

So the next time you put on your suit, ask yourself this simple question: am I at ease with what I am wearing? Until you can answer yes, you won't look your best.


Monday, 19 December 2011

How To Wear Feathers Without Looking Like Big Bird

Birds of a feather: Sarah Jessica Parker, left and X Factor judge Tulisa

Birds of a feather: Sarah Jessica Parker and X Factor judge Tulisa

Birds of a feather: Sarah Jessica Parker, left and X Factor judge Tulisa

Move over sequins — if you want to make an impact at parties, choose feathers.
One word of warning — follow our tips to make sure you don’t look like Big Bird.


* Beware: Feathers fluff out, which can make you look wider.
* Less is more — stick to just one feathery item, such as a statement necklace or clutch bag.
* Toughen up frou- frou feathers with denim or leather.
* Stay away from sickly pink, which will make you look as if you’re on a hen night. Red and blue feathers can be a statement, but keep everything else plain.


Sunday, 18 December 2011

How To Wear Ankle Boots

After watching others wearing them with skirts, skinny jeans and even cropped pants, I finally bit the bullet and got my first pair of ankle boots. Actually, that isn’t entirely true. I had ankle boots — but I’ve always worn them under boot-leg jeans.

Lately, though, ankle boots are popping up with all sorts of different hemlines and pant silhouettes. At first I wasn’t a fan of the look at all, but as often happens, my eye has adjusted and I’m beginning to appreciate the trend. So when Dansko reached out to me to see if I was interested in participating in a holiday blogger review this year, I chose the Buffy ankle boot.

ankle boot

When I got them, I loved them immediately. The ruching and button detail are fun, and the solid 2-1/2 inch heel (with a 1/2-inch platform so it only feels like a 2-inch heel) is the perfect marriage of form and function. They feature Dansko’s signature foam cushioned insole and steel shank, which provide great support for all-day wear.

The question, of course, is, what do I wear with them??

My favorite way to wear them (so far) is with my regular blue denim skinny jeans.

I feel like wearing these ankle boots would update almost any old outfit. I’d like to try them with a denim skirt and tights sometime. Sort of along the lines of this look.

booties with a skirt

You can wear ankle boots with jeggings.

booties with jeggings

You can wear ankle boots with a dress.

booties with a dress

I’ve even seen ankle boots with cropped pants, although I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of this look.

booties with cropped pants

I’m looking forward to finding more ways to wear my new booties!

How about you? Do you have ankle boots? How are you wearing them? Write a comment! ^_^


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