Friday, 30 December 2011

How To Wear Red Lipstick

Red lipstick can be one of the most powerful weapons in any women’s beauty arsenal. Sadly, it is also – in my opinion – one of the most misused beauty products as well. In an effort to help you graduate to the top of your beauty class, I’ve compiled my do’s and don’t’s of red lipstick.

If you have freckles, DO wear a sheer shade of red lipstick that has orange undertones to help brighten your face.

If you have pale skin, DO pair a subtle smokey eye with a dark grey dress in contrast with a bold lip.

DON’T be caught making funny faces if you haven’t bothered to look in the mirror recently. There’s nothing funny about red stained teeth!

DO pull hair back into a chic ponytail when making a bold lip statement. A soft pink cheek stain is a nice alternative to a basic bronzer or blush.

DO pair a bright summery colored dress with an orange-red lip color like Michelle Williams. Lighter reds keep your look fresher and brighter.

DO try a classic Hollywood look by playing up bold eyebrows and lips together. Finish with a liquid liner on the top lid only, and a loose ponytail with a few face framing strands.

DO wear red for a night out on the town. Nothing says glamorous like a well chosen shade of red lipstick.

DO wear a plum shade of red lipstick with a pretty pink sweater like Natalie Portman. This beauty queen is an expert when it comes to putting effortlessly clean looks together.

DO show off a full set of pearly whites when wearing a glossy red lip color. Red lipstick definitely draws attention to your mouth and teeth – While red will make white teeth stand out and sparkle, it will also make dull teeth appear more discolored and uninviting.

DON’T go overboard in the makeup department. As a standard rule, if you have full lips and are wearing a bold lip shade, its best not to overdo the rest of your face in really loud colors/styles.
DON’T EVER paint your entire eyelid black, unless of course your intention is to look like a stripper or high class prostitute.

DON’T try to look like one of the characters from The Grudge. Everyone loves a good cat eye, but this is way overdoing it.

If your skin is prone to redness, DON’T wear lipstick that has a lot of orange in it. Opt for shades of red with plum or blue undertones to help diminish a blushing face.

DON’T choose a red lipstick on days when you are having breakout problems around the mouth and chin area. A bright red mouth will only draw unwanted attention to pimples and blemishes!

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