Thursday, 8 December 2011

How To Wear Red And Look Awesome

Red, you may already know, is having a moment. Emerging last spring as a surprising splash of colour on many a Parisian panted leg, the bold hue made its way across the Atlantic to New York City this summer, and has recently penetrated the Canadian fashion psyche.

with holiday party season fast upon us, crimson ensembles are popping up in store windows everywhere.

More sophisticated fabrics and a fusion of multiple shades of red within one look are both easy ways to avoid building a closet that's a little too holiday cheer-y. For those who are daunted by the thought of wearing such an intense hue, there are ways to downplay.

It's bold, but it's so classic that you can think about it like you would a black dress," You can temper a bright red piece by pairing it with black pieces, such as tights or accessories. Or start small: "Red lips are always a great way to stand out and dress up whatever you've got on, but red is also good for highlights within an ensemble - a bag or a shoe.

"All a woman ever needs is red, white and black." This holiday, that includes all of us.

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