Saturday, 10 December 2011

How To Wear a Tie

Ties have been around for a long time. Even then, many men do not know what tie to wear with which shirt. The tie is one of those things that have been around for ages. One would want to assume that every man should know how to wear it. However, this is not the case. Men still make mistakes by putting on a checkered shirt with a checkered tie or a striped shirt with a striped tie, or worse, wrong colours together. The tips below should help you learn which tie to wear with which shirt.

Don’t mix the checkered/stripes
This is one rule you needn’t ignore. Mixing checkered and striped ties with similar shirts doesn’t make you look any smarter. You only look like you are heading to a malwa joint.

If you are to choose a patterned shirt, choose a plain tie and vice versa. For example, to achieve that classic look, if you are to wear a checkered shirt, when choosing a tie, look for the one whose colour is less dominant in the shirt. You may chose a blue and white striped shirt and match it with a blue tie.

Always keep colour in mind
Don’t colour clash unless you are going to act, especially comedy. But then also, they shouldn’t be too similar so as to fade into each other. Let colours complement or match each other. If you wear a shirt with a light shade, then chose a tie with a dark shade.

You could also do the monochromatic matching where colour of the shirt and the tie is the same and shade is dark or lighter than the other.

Or the complementary look may work for you. Here, you choose colours that will basically look great together when worn. If you are not an attention seeker, then you may as well avoid bright coloured ties.

Tie all the buttons
Wearing a tie like a goat being taken for grazing is a habit you should have dropped when you left high school. You can only do that when driving back home after the day. Button up and let the tie touch that last button at the neck line.

How long?
It’s advisable to have a tie whose bottom tip touches the waist but if it should be shorter than that, at least it should touch your belly button. The knot of the tie should be as big as the collar of the shirt.


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