Friday, 30 December 2011

How To Wear Red Lipstick

Red lipstick can be one of the most powerful weapons in any women’s beauty arsenal. Sadly, it is also – in my opinion – one of the most misused beauty products as well. In an effort to help you graduate to the top of your beauty class, I’ve compiled my do’s and don’t’s of red lipstick.

If you have freckles, DO wear a sheer shade of red lipstick that has orange undertones to help brighten your face.

If you have pale skin, DO pair a subtle smokey eye with a dark grey dress in contrast with a bold lip.

DON’T be caught making funny faces if you haven’t bothered to look in the mirror recently. There’s nothing funny about red stained teeth!

DO pull hair back into a chic ponytail when making a bold lip statement. A soft pink cheek stain is a nice alternative to a basic bronzer or blush.

DO pair a bright summery colored dress with an orange-red lip color like Michelle Williams. Lighter reds keep your look fresher and brighter.

DO try a classic Hollywood look by playing up bold eyebrows and lips together. Finish with a liquid liner on the top lid only, and a loose ponytail with a few face framing strands.

DO wear red for a night out on the town. Nothing says glamorous like a well chosen shade of red lipstick.

DO wear a plum shade of red lipstick with a pretty pink sweater like Natalie Portman. This beauty queen is an expert when it comes to putting effortlessly clean looks together.

DO show off a full set of pearly whites when wearing a glossy red lip color. Red lipstick definitely draws attention to your mouth and teeth – While red will make white teeth stand out and sparkle, it will also make dull teeth appear more discolored and uninviting.

DON’T go overboard in the makeup department. As a standard rule, if you have full lips and are wearing a bold lip shade, its best not to overdo the rest of your face in really loud colors/styles.
DON’T EVER paint your entire eyelid black, unless of course your intention is to look like a stripper or high class prostitute.

DON’T try to look like one of the characters from The Grudge. Everyone loves a good cat eye, but this is way overdoing it.

If your skin is prone to redness, DON’T wear lipstick that has a lot of orange in it. Opt for shades of red with plum or blue undertones to help diminish a blushing face.

DON’T choose a red lipstick on days when you are having breakout problems around the mouth and chin area. A bright red mouth will only draw unwanted attention to pimples and blemishes!

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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

How To Be Comfortable With What You Wear

The world is divided into two types of men: those who know how to wear a suit and those who don't. Spotting the difference between the two doesn't require a keen fashion sense: it just takes common sense.

A man may wear a suit, but that does not mean he looks good in it. He will buy what he thinks makes him look his best, but quality materials are not enough to guarantee he will be his best. What separates the well-dressed man from the one who is not is comfort. Until a man feels at ease in his suit, there is no amount of money he can spend on designer names that will give him what he most needs.

Look at those men who are at ease with what they are wearing. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson may be nearly two metres tall and weigh almost 20 stone, but it probably took some time before he felt comfortable lifting grown men over his head wearing a black Speedo. The same applies to a man who goes to work in a suit. It takes time to develop that comfort zone.

Bruce Cutler, the New York City mob lawyer, wears a suit well. Conversely, his biggest former client, John Gotti, did not. No doubt he had his clothes cut exactly as he demanded and the fabrics were most likely of the highest quality, but he rarely looked comfortable. He appeared uptight and the suits looked tight. He had the flashy ties and the colourful pocket handkerchiefs, but there was a lack of comfort that was always evident.

Jason Statham looks confident in a black suit in his Transporter movies. He looks good – perhaps because he has the physique from more than a decade as a member of Britain's National Diving Squad – but also because he has an ease about who he is. An impressive build, however, is not enough. Sylvester Stallone, certainly a man with a nice body – even if it is supplemented with Jintropin – looks more like Gotti in a suit rather than Statham.

Watch the red-carpet broadcasts from the Oscars or the Baftas and look at those well-paid actors and see if you can spot the difference between these two types of men. Of course, all are wearing the latest fashionable cuts and designer labels, but look at how the trousers of some men pool at their shoes or how their jacket sleeves are too long or their shirt collar gaps around their neck or their tie is not pushed all the way up. Not knowing how to wear a suit is the result of not being comfortable in one.

So the next time you put on your suit, ask yourself this simple question: am I at ease with what I am wearing? Until you can answer yes, you won't look your best.

So the next time you put on your suit, ask yourself this simple question: am I at ease with what I am wearing? Until you can answer yes, you won't look your best.


Monday, 19 December 2011

How To Wear Feathers Without Looking Like Big Bird

Birds of a feather: Sarah Jessica Parker, left and X Factor judge Tulisa

Birds of a feather: Sarah Jessica Parker and X Factor judge Tulisa

Birds of a feather: Sarah Jessica Parker, left and X Factor judge Tulisa

Move over sequins — if you want to make an impact at parties, choose feathers.
One word of warning — follow our tips to make sure you don’t look like Big Bird.


* Beware: Feathers fluff out, which can make you look wider.
* Less is more — stick to just one feathery item, such as a statement necklace or clutch bag.
* Toughen up frou- frou feathers with denim or leather.
* Stay away from sickly pink, which will make you look as if you’re on a hen night. Red and blue feathers can be a statement, but keep everything else plain.


Sunday, 18 December 2011

How To Wear Ankle Boots

After watching others wearing them with skirts, skinny jeans and even cropped pants, I finally bit the bullet and got my first pair of ankle boots. Actually, that isn’t entirely true. I had ankle boots — but I’ve always worn them under boot-leg jeans.

Lately, though, ankle boots are popping up with all sorts of different hemlines and pant silhouettes. At first I wasn’t a fan of the look at all, but as often happens, my eye has adjusted and I’m beginning to appreciate the trend. So when Dansko reached out to me to see if I was interested in participating in a holiday blogger review this year, I chose the Buffy ankle boot.

ankle boot

When I got them, I loved them immediately. The ruching and button detail are fun, and the solid 2-1/2 inch heel (with a 1/2-inch platform so it only feels like a 2-inch heel) is the perfect marriage of form and function. They feature Dansko’s signature foam cushioned insole and steel shank, which provide great support for all-day wear.

The question, of course, is, what do I wear with them??

My favorite way to wear them (so far) is with my regular blue denim skinny jeans.

I feel like wearing these ankle boots would update almost any old outfit. I’d like to try them with a denim skirt and tights sometime. Sort of along the lines of this look.

booties with a skirt

You can wear ankle boots with jeggings.

booties with jeggings

You can wear ankle boots with a dress.

booties with a dress

I’ve even seen ankle boots with cropped pants, although I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of this look.

booties with cropped pants

I’m looking forward to finding more ways to wear my new booties!

How about you? Do you have ankle boots? How are you wearing them? Write a comment! ^_^


Saturday, 17 December 2011

How To Wear Outerwear

Here are some tips on how to get the most mileage from your outwear, since it probably hangs forlornly in your closet most of the time.

1. Have Outerwear Staples.

These are the standard black and brown coats you can throw on to add warmth to just about any outfit. I’d pick a dressier version (such as wool, tweed, or yes, fur…faux or otherwise,) in one color, and then a more casual version in the other color. By casual, I mean the ever-popular puffy jacket or a lightweight peacoat/tea-length version. Use these when you are actually trying to stay warm while outdoors or in a very chilly place for extended periods of time. These are meant to brave the elements, and can or should be removed once indoors to reveal your fabulous outfit.

2. Have Outerwear Sussies.

Do you know what a sussie is? It typically means a small gift or a treat. Well, outerwear sussies are the items that aren’t necessarily traditional and can’t be worn with everything, but you treat yourself to them nonetheless. These can be “outfit makers”…the items you incorporate into your overall outfit and aren’t sporting to simply stay warm or dry. YOU DO NOT TAKE THIS PIECE OFF. For instance, a red blazer adds a pop of color to virtually any outfit, so keeping it on all day makes the entire ensemble. More examples are a fur vest, a chunky sweater knit with a belt (did you see this one by Ugg?), or a cape.

3. Add Accessories.

Sometimes outerwear is just plain boring, so don’t be afraid to throw on an obi belt or skinny belt to mix things up. If your outerwear is a thick fabric, this tip might not work as well. Instead, try a wide leather belt or a belt with an elastic waist. Another idea is to sew/clip/velcro on a faux fur collar or ruffled collar. This instantly transforms a coat into a statement piece. You can find faux fur scarves that can be trimmed with scissors to make a new “collar” for your coat.

Lastly, scarves are the soulmate to outerwear. Lots of colors, patterns, styles, and fabrics will dress up or down your basic coat, and will give you a warm accessory to keep on once you’ve shed your coat. My favorites are Burberry scarves, which are timeless, classy, and soft as can be.


Friday, 16 December 2011

Properly Fitted Clothing Helps a Man Stand Out

Q: What are the biggest style mistakes men make?
A: Fit, fit, fit.

Men don’t know how to wear clothes that fit them properly.

Q: How can they do better?
A: They can start by going to a place that has experts who know how to properly fit a suit, a pair of pants, a shirt.

Whether you’re a bigger guy or a slighter guy — wear things that fit correctly, and it’s always going to be flattering. Your money is better spent on getting clothes that are tailored to your body than going out and buying a whole new wardrobe.

Q: Are there any specific sins that you see?
A: I see men wearing pants that are way too long. Right now, the style is for no break or a very slight break on your trouser.

And then the big baggy dress shirt — I see men wearing it all the time. Make sure it’s not super loose and blousy on your torso.

Q: What’s your recommendation for a business power look — something strong but stylish?
A: You cannot go wrong with a charcoal-gray suit. And if you really want to show that you’ve got power, wear season-appropriate fabrics.

Q: What are your do’s and don’ts for business casual?
A: If you want to stand out, make sure you always have on a sport coat. You can wear it with jeans. But it’s the sport coat that’s going to make you always look professional.

Q: How can men be stylish on weekends?
A: I would say the same thing — with the sport coat. There are so many versions of the soft sport coat. You can wear it as outerwear. You can wear it over a sweater.

Q: All guys wear jeans. How should they be wearing them right now?
A: Move toward a dark, clean, straight denim.

Q: What shoes should men be wearing?
A: Not too pointy and not too square, first of all. The toe of the shoe — keep it nice and rounded.

What I love right now are these great hybrids, so they look dressy from the top but they’ve got a lug sole. That’s what men should be wearing.


Thursday, 15 December 2011

How To Wear White Dress Like the Celebrities

I’ve been thinking about how to pull off head-to-toe white lately because it’s currently all over the red carpet and it’s always a popular (but dangerous!) choice at holiday parties. When done well, one looks like a radiant snow angel. When botched? A lost bride. Here’s a bunch of famous ladies Angelina Jolie, Kate Beckinsale, Amber Hear, Andrea Riseborough,- who’ve had great success with white looks in the past month or so.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

How to Wear Retro Inspired Fashion

A skirted coat with shiny buttons and a prim collar goes perfectly over a fitted-waist dress

Many people asks how how to rock forties style dresses and accessories as seen on Miu Miu's runway.

See more retro style photo at

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

How to Wear Colored Jeans When Holidays

colored jeans

I wanted to pull together a couple of options for you in case you were interested in wearing colored jeans during the holidays. No one wants to see you walking around head to toe in RED and GREEN. But – you CAN split it up and have a little fun with this season’s color themes.

* Paul&Joe Debroca Grey Knit poncho $360 –
* Moto Supersoft Green Leigh Jeans $76 –
* Vero Moda Very Top Belle Black $67 –
* Sequin Shell Top $86 –
* Knitted Striped Short Jumper $80 –

Pick up a pair of green jeans and pair them with a muted top. Any deep color will do. OR you can opt for a beige piece like a cami or cardigan.

colored jeans

Red jeans require a much more neutral base. When I wear my red jeans, I always opt for a black or a beige top. If I wanted to get CRAZY, I would wear a velvet blue blazer with a sequin tank. Here are some examples:

* Red Super Skinny Jeans $59 -
* Vince Cowl Neck Pullover – $79 –
* French Connection – Poppy Sweats Scoop Neck Sweater $62 –
* All-over Sequin Sweater $238 –
* BE FOR Single-breasted blazer $435 –

Here’s a hint for washing your colored jeans because these puppies FADE FAST. Try turning your machine to cold and washing your new denim with Tide Coldwater, which will help keep your colored denim from fading.

Monday, 12 December 2011

How To Wear Houndstooth

Houndstooth is a big trend in the winter and is worth repeating, so take it upon yourself to wear houndstooth because it is such a chic, timeless, recognizable and wearable pattern.

#1: Simple and Plain

You don’t want over powering colors, accessories, or “matchy matchy” houndstooth like pieces to mesh with your outfit because houndstooth is already striking.
If you choose to wear a houndstooth dress, stick to black pumps or wedges.

#2: Accessorize
If you’re scared and want to test if houndstooth is right with you having small pieces of houndstooth can be a good test.
A plain black dress with houndstooth accessories like a purse or shawl also looks very pleasing and gives wonders to the eye.

Tip #3: Cover up
A houndstooth coat can bring a modern and vintage feel to any kind of outfit.
If you are attending a dinner party, wearing an oversized houndstooth coat or jacket over a flowing dress might do the trick.

#4: Prints on Your Feet
The subtle print on a flat, wedge, or stilettoes can easily match a dress and add additional flair to an entire outfit.

#5: Leggings
Pairing them with loose tops in shades of black, grey, white and even maybe red can make a great mix to your outfit.
If you're feeling bold, try some houndstooth-printed tights!

You can never go wrong with having houndstooth clothing (however, you may want to avoid wearing the print AND accessorizing with the print, like Lady Gaga) in your closet because of its number of options to mix and match, plus the sophistication and elegance that the pattern adds, it's no wonder why houndstooth never goes out of style.

By: Vinh Nguyen | Images: Tumblr

Sunday, 11 December 2011

How To Wear Lace

Getty Images/WireImage

The runways, much like the stage, are often used for showing a big idea, sometimes in an outlandish way. Like any form of art we are supposed to interpret it in our own way. So, when Madonna wore a black sheer lace dress with nothing underneath it but a bustier to this year's Vanity Fair Oscars Party, well, it was just too much. Lace has been a strong trend over the past few years and the beauty of this trend is that it can be demure--a lace blouse with a pencil skirt is suitably pretty for the office--or it can be sexy when it's sheer in just the right places. Madge's look-sheer all over with a slit all the way up the thigh--is too provocative, even for the original provacateur herself. Opaque black tights under this ensemble would have made a world of difference. Check out our dos and don'ts for wearing lace at

Saturday, 10 December 2011

How To Wear a Tie

Ties have been around for a long time. Even then, many men do not know what tie to wear with which shirt. The tie is one of those things that have been around for ages. One would want to assume that every man should know how to wear it. However, this is not the case. Men still make mistakes by putting on a checkered shirt with a checkered tie or a striped shirt with a striped tie, or worse, wrong colours together. The tips below should help you learn which tie to wear with which shirt.

Don’t mix the checkered/stripes
This is one rule you needn’t ignore. Mixing checkered and striped ties with similar shirts doesn’t make you look any smarter. You only look like you are heading to a malwa joint.

If you are to choose a patterned shirt, choose a plain tie and vice versa. For example, to achieve that classic look, if you are to wear a checkered shirt, when choosing a tie, look for the one whose colour is less dominant in the shirt. You may chose a blue and white striped shirt and match it with a blue tie.

Always keep colour in mind
Don’t colour clash unless you are going to act, especially comedy. But then also, they shouldn’t be too similar so as to fade into each other. Let colours complement or match each other. If you wear a shirt with a light shade, then chose a tie with a dark shade.

You could also do the monochromatic matching where colour of the shirt and the tie is the same and shade is dark or lighter than the other.

Or the complementary look may work for you. Here, you choose colours that will basically look great together when worn. If you are not an attention seeker, then you may as well avoid bright coloured ties.

Tie all the buttons
Wearing a tie like a goat being taken for grazing is a habit you should have dropped when you left high school. You can only do that when driving back home after the day. Button up and let the tie touch that last button at the neck line.

How long?
It’s advisable to have a tie whose bottom tip touches the waist but if it should be shorter than that, at least it should touch your belly button. The knot of the tie should be as big as the collar of the shirt.


Friday, 9 December 2011

How To Wear Plus Size Little Black Dress

littleblackdress0 How to Wear it: Plus Size Little Black Dress

By now every girl knows that if her wardrobe has nothing else she must have a Little Black Dress (LBD). The LBD is an essential item for every girl’s closet. It can be dressed up or down and worn to just about any occasion. Depending on you shape your perfect LBD may be below or above the knee, sheath or a-line, long or short sleeved or even sleeveless if that’s your preference. The real problem isn’t finding the dress because there are many LBDs out there even for plus size women, the problem is finding the best ways to accessorize your LBD.

So today I’m going to show you the best ways to accessorize your LBD for several different occasions. The LBD I’m going to use as our foundation is the Black 3/4 Sleeve Dress from Yours Clothing. This LBD will be flattering on just about every body shape because it is v-neck, 3/4 sleeve, between a-line and sheath and it has empire waistline which is flattering on most figures.

plus size dress

For a meeting at the office one doesn’t want to be too glamorous but not shabby either. The best thing to do is keep it simple and classy and nothing says classy like pearls. Pair pearl stud earrings and a pearl necklace and you’re good on the jewelry front. For shoes you can never go wrong with basic black heels that will keep your look polished. And for a handbag a classt black tote or something similar will do nicely for work. Below is a pearl earring, necklace and bracelet set from Very; black block heel court shoes from Evans; and the black patent snake effect bag from Yours Clothing.

littleblackdress3 How to Wear it: Plus Size Little Black Dress

For a night out there is no such thing as too glamorous. LBDs are the perfect foundation for being sexy and sophisticated. Spice up your outfit with a pair of lacy tights that add a lot of sexiness to otherwise bare legs. Next, time for some bling, I would suggest some shiny earrings and depending on how big they are a necklace as well. If you are wearing really big earrings then forget the necklace. I would also say to add a cocktail ring or a blingy bracelet keep in mind that it may be better to have them on separate arms. For shoes, breakout those gorgeous platform pumps you’ve been dying to wear, they are sure to be a hit. And since this is a night out travel light and carry a clutch. Below are flower lace tights from, and jewelry, sequined platform shoes and a crystal interlaceclutch all from Simply Be.

LittleBlackDress4 How to Wear it: Plus Size Little Black Dress

Finally for a weekend outing its time to make your LBD more casual. Pairing your LBD with a denim jacket and some colorful sneakers is just the way to do it. Add a girl headband for a feminine touch and a tote or hobo bag that will work for you weekend errands. Below is a Tallissime denim jacket and red Converse sneakers both from; and a Glass bead motif headband and Body Star tote both from Simply Be.

LittleBlackDress5 How to Wear it: Plus Size Little Black Dress

When it comes to accessorizing I like listen to Coco Chanel who used to say “When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on,” now if you feel you’ve got a great thing going on then don’t worry about it but if you think you may have overdone it or have a habit of overdoing it this is definitely a quote to live by.

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Thursday, 8 December 2011

How To Wear Red And Look Awesome

Red, you may already know, is having a moment. Emerging last spring as a surprising splash of colour on many a Parisian panted leg, the bold hue made its way across the Atlantic to New York City this summer, and has recently penetrated the Canadian fashion psyche.

with holiday party season fast upon us, crimson ensembles are popping up in store windows everywhere.

More sophisticated fabrics and a fusion of multiple shades of red within one look are both easy ways to avoid building a closet that's a little too holiday cheer-y. For those who are daunted by the thought of wearing such an intense hue, there are ways to downplay.

It's bold, but it's so classic that you can think about it like you would a black dress," You can temper a bright red piece by pairing it with black pieces, such as tights or accessories. Or start small: "Red lips are always a great way to stand out and dress up whatever you've got on, but red is also good for highlights within an ensemble - a bag or a shoe.

"All a woman ever needs is red, white and black." This holiday, that includes all of us.

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Will you wear it this holiday? Tell me how in the comments below.. ☺

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

How To Wear Matte Lips

To give you that extra boost of confidence, I enlisted a pro for tips on rocking gorgeous reds, fuchsias, or apricots.
The key : keep the focus on your lips with a toned-down face. Then, voilĂ ! You’ll be the belle of all your holiday balls.


How To Wear Red Lips And Make It Work

Celebrity with red lips

So my question is, what is the best way to do a red lip for an everyday look? I'll admit, the red carpet look favored by stars like Taylor Swift and Scarlett Johansson have become a bit overplayed. I mean, I get it - a bold lip will always look great in front of the camera but unfortunately for me, I've yet to be featured in a million dollar film or walk the red carpet on the arm of Ryan Reynolds. (I won’t lie, I still think that one day this might happen a girl can dream!)

The best way to create an everyday red lip without looking overdone is to keep the focus on your pout - by choosing muted colors and an otherwise minimal makeup palette, you can emphasize your bold lip. Celebs like the Kardashians are wearing their flaming lips with pale pinks and neutral colors, and though I am not - I repeat, am not - a fan of the Kardashians, I am a fan of Kourtney in this pale silk blouse with a red lip. If neutral shades aren’t really your thing or, because winter is here, and they make you looked washed out sans a summer tan, the simplicity of a black outside is always best. Not only is the saturated hue slimming, but it won’t wash you out like nudes or. As a bonus, head-to-toe black always looks chic with a red lip.

Remember: Pick a red that looks good with your skin type! There is nothing worse than someone wearing the wrong color red.

What would you pair with a red lip ? write a comment below .. ☺


How To Wear High Heels Without Pain

That pain that you feel at the end of a long night—no, it's not a hangover and it's not exhaustion. We're talking about something worse—the pain that's caused by a seemingly evil and malicious pair of high heels. But, believe it or not, not all high heels are created equal. In some cases, they can actually be healthier for your feet than flats. "Excess pronation is a condition that affects 75 percent of the population and has been related to many conditions, such as heel pain (otherwise known as plantar fasciitis), knee pain, and even lower-back pain," says podiatrist Phillip Vasyli.

In this case, doctors actually recommend wearing shoes with a slight heel, as opposed to our trusty flats. "The popular trend of ballet flats has caused us to see an increase in many of the aforementioned conditions due to a lack of overall support and flimsy shoe construction," Vasyli says.

Generally, there are a few things to look for when you're shopping for stilettos. First, make sure the heels are of moderate proportions, not the towering Lady GaGa variety. Save those for dinners out, where you'll be sitting for most of the evening.

Vasyli recommends opting for well-constructed "quality" shoes, especially those that have shock absorbing materials in the ball of the foot, and using an insert like Orthaheel, which he invented. He also suggests wearing your highest heels for only short periods at a time and giving them a little bit of closet time now and then."If you feel the need to wear higher-heeled shoes daily, then take a more comfortable shoe to get to and from work and wear the higher shoes while you're sitting at your desk," he adds.

Also, while you're having a ball, be conscious of the weight that's being distributed onto the ball of your foot. "The higher the heel, the more the shoe increases the arch height and also changes the 'arch position'," Vasyli says. He suggests looking for shoes that "contour" to your arch and distribute your weight over the entire foot, not just the ball of the foot.


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